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Article on Digital Cash in "Worth"

I don't recall seeing mention of this, so here goes.

The October 1995 issue of "Worth" magazine has a fairly long article about
digital cash in several forms, and about David Chaum's Digicash in
particular. It has a more detailed description of his Amsterdam operation,
and his history, than I recall seeing anywhere else.

While I'm on the subject of Chaum and Digicash, several recent posts here
have commented about my dislike of Digicash's current approach, or about my
criticisms of the current approach. Given the recent "piling on" aimed at
Netscape (for various reasons I think are obvious--see Note), I don't want
to be perceived as one of Digicash's leading critics.

The fact is, I'm not in the business of trying to deploy any kind of
digital cash, so I don't follow too closely the ins and outs of what
various "digital money" systems are currently offering. I have some
long-range interests in the societal implications of truly anonymous
digital cash, and argue the issues frequently, but I avoid worrying
overmuch about Mondex vs. First Virtual vs. QuickenCash vs. whatever.

Note: About half of all posts to the CP list for the past several weeks
have somehow involved Netscape. The attacks on Netscape have been
impressive, but many of the posts have a "me too" flavor, sort of the way
my smaller cat takes every opportunity to nip at my larger cat when the
larger cat is in distress. The phrase "kicking them when they're down"
comes to mind. Not that the issues aren't real, just that a lot of folks
want to be the "next Goldberg and Wagners," or that they want to add their
two cents about how Netscape is blowing it.

I stay out of this, but I certainly don't want to see Digicash given the
same treatment. Their current product may not be all that some of us desire
(in terms of anonymity, for example), but it sure does beat the
alternatives in essential ways.

I don't want to see Netscape so trashed that people turn to lesser-tested
alternatives without good reason (Microsoft Network being one example), and
I don't want to see Digicash so trashed that people turn to some product
like Mondex.

--Tim May

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