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Re: digital cash and identity disclosure

Michael Froomkin wrote:

| i would like to propose the following radical idea:  Chaumian digicash is 
| a nice curiosity.  The future in the mdeium term (10+ years) for better 
| or worse belongs to Mondex.

	Deploying hardware is VERY expensive.  30m internet users at
$100 (half hardware, half tech support) is 3 billion dollars to deploy
today.  Secure commerce on the internet would drive that 30m figure
(which will probably double this year anyway) way up.

	Digicash doesn't need observer cards, which gives them a huge
advantage.  If they ever sign with a real bank.

	"Tired of mondex's spending limits and slow servers?  Convert
your Mondex to Digicash today, and we'll give you a FREE copy of
Cypherpunk Lab's Lottery Screensaver!!!"

	On the other hand, Digicash might never deploy.  But it does
have features other than privacy that make it attractive.  (So does
FV, possibly other schemes)


"It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."