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Encrypted TCP Tunneler

I am writting a program called Encrypted TCP Tunneler, which I hope to
finish in a month or so.  It will allow a secure link to be set up between
an ETT client and an ETT server, using Diffie-Hellman and DSA for
authenticated key exchange, and Blowfish for encryption.  A user will be
able to open a TCP connection to the client and have that connection
transparently tunnel across the secure link to a TCP address on the other

I see several uses for this program, such as secure telnet, secure web 
access, and access to a secure network across an insecure network.  I 
realize the program will no be as useful when IPv6 becomes widely 
available, but that may not happen for a while.  Also, this program can 
be used on top of IP security to give users (as opposed to system admins) 
more control over their own security.

Please send comments and suggestions.

Wei Dai