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Re: BlackNet in "Hardware"

At 4:50 PM 10/22/95, Jim Gillogly wrote:
>I just bought "Hardware" (Delacorte Press, 1995) by Linda Barnes, one of
>my favorite mystery authors, and experienced a startled frisson when I saw
>that at least a couple of subscribers had their work immortalized:
>Tim's "Invitation to BlackNet" is the opening quote, and the date given is
>for L.'s widespread Usenet spam of Feb '94.

Interesting. I'll pick up a copy today.

>No book report here, but it was as gripping as the rest of her efforts.
>It's "about" people rather than computer hackery, but the computery bits
>were done quite well.  Does an Amiga 2000 <really> have PC and Mac
>compatibility options?  I don't know, and it doesn't matter anyway.

I recollect that the Amiga had some gizmo--I think it was called
"MagicSack" or something like that--that let it run Macintosh programs,
sort of. It never really caught on, at least as an alternative to real
Macs. And I think something similar was available for DOS. This was all
several years back, before the Amiga faded out.

Amiga users and former Amiga users can probably tell us more.

--Tim May

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