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Re: airport security

> The recent push is certainly associated with the various terrorist threats

   Furthermore, the terrorism the West faces, is state-sponsored. Neither 
of its patrons - the Russians and the Radical Arabs - are stupid. If the 
airlines become secured, they _will_ target the Greyhounds.

One need only examine US policy towards (just as one example) Turkey in 
the last five years, to realize that the Washington Elites are not 
capable of understanding fundamental problems of statescraft and 
diplomacy. Under this regime, it is no wonder that our reaction to terror 
tactics, is to react in a defensive mode - expensive airport security 
measures, etc, etc. The other side *has already won* the terror war, 
merely by virtue of having set the agenda, and making us spin in tighter 
and tighter circles - reacting, not initiating.