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Re: NYT on Internet Flaws

> > 
> > 	I completely agree that the reporters on this list make things
> > very difficult and people do need to be very careful about posting
> > things which will get misinterpreted by reporters.. but--

Blake writes..
> Folks:
> Don't lose heart completely that your discussions on this list are
> not being read carefully by some of the media. As a case in point, I'm a
> freelance magazine writer who has been lurking on this list for at least 6
> months (although I do get behind at times due to the volume). My reason

I've been on this list almost since it start.. and in that time I've become
a freelance writer.. as have other more well known list members..

I think the thing to understand is that there is always room for
misinterpretation.. by reporters and by our own flames (if the list
traffic is any judge..)...

To speculate further on the human condition would be off topic..but
it's clear the Cypherpunks is a very valuable thing to many people for
many reason and I think (from the point of self interest) to all of


Harry Hawk
[email protected]