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I saw this on the Cyberia list. Those of you near Washington, D.C. may find
this worth attending.

By the way, one of the speakers, Kawika Daguio, was once on this list (and
may still be, though I haven't seen posts from him in a while).

--Tim May

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>For those in the Washington, DC area, you may find the following
>meeting of interest,
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>                THE FUTURE OF MONEY:
>        The evolution of money has now completed
>a one hundred eighty degree turn from the point
>where our economy began: from a barter marketplace;
>to paper currency; and, today, to pure information
>exchanged globally over telecommunications lines.
>Money is digital, and can be created, utilized,
>and transmitted by individuals and companies, as
>well as by governments.
>        On Thursday, November 2, at noon, the
>Computer Crime Subcommittee of the ABA will host
>a luncheon program which will examine the birth
>and promise of digital cash.  The speakers repre-
>sent all three of the important organizations
>participating in this venture: designers, bankers,
>and governments:
>Steve Crocker, Vice President in Charge of Develop-
>ment, CyberCash, Inc.  CyberCash is a Reston,
>Virginia, based company which was established in
>1994.  It is in the forefront of the development
>and implementation of digital cash in the global
>marketplace.  Dr. Crocker is himself involved in
>both the technical and regulatory aspects of this
>field.  His talk will include a description of just
>what digital cash is, and how we can expect it will
>be used in the future.
>Kawika Daguio, Federal Representative for Operations,
>Retail Banking, and Risk Management, American
>Bankers Association: Mr. Daguio represents the
>banking industry, and will discussed its concerns
>and hopes for the new currency, and how it expects
>that digital cash will change the industry.
>Stephen Kroll, Chief Counsel, Financial Crimes
>Enforcement Network: Mr. Kroll's agency is primarily
>concerned with the identification of money laundering
>and other violations of federal laws concerning the
>flow of money.  He will discuss the government's
>concerns over the effects digital cash will have on
>those laws, and how governments may seek to protect
>their currencies and their sovereignty.
>        The program will be in the form of a brown
>bag luncheon, and will take place at the ABA Criminal
>Justice Section's Washington offices, at 740 15th
>Street, N.W., Tenth Floor.  The program is free.
>For those who wish to order a brown bag lunch to be
>provided by the ABA, the cost is $11.50, which must
>be ordered beforehand and paid for at the time it is
>picked up.  (No cash accepted; make check payable
>to ABA Criminal Justice Section.)
>        For reservations, please contact Mable
>Muldrow, at (202) 662-1520.  For more information,
>contact the program's co-moderators, Andrew Grosso,
>Chair of the ABA Computer Crime Subcommittee, at
>(202) 663-9041 [E-Mail: [email protected]], and
>Daryl Jackson, Vice Chair of the ABA White Collar
>Crime Committee, at (202) 942-5000.
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