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Re: Reducing the Flames, Attacks, and Nit-Pickings

At 4:25 AM 10/23/95, Todd Glassey wrote:
>>At 2:18 AM 10/22/95, Todd Glassey wrote:
>>>As an aside - What blows my mind is the number of cycles people spend
>>>bitching and moaning about Java itself rather than working to create a
>>>better solution.
>My apologies, I should have taken this off-line with Dr. Fred. I did in my
>response to him as I had some personal commentary to add which would have
>beebn inappropriate to the list in general.

Just to make things clear, when I quoted Todd Glassey's point (above), it
was because I _agreed_ with his point about the "bitching and moaning"
about Java, as an example. I was _not_ quoting it as an example of the
flames on the list, per se.

My concern is that the Cypherpunks list is evolving into a "bug list,"
concentrating on attacks on commercial products. As I've said, finding
major flaws in protocols is a useful thing to do, but having the list
focussed on debating the fine details of languages like Java and browsers
like Netscape seems to be less useful.

Worse, idle speculation about possible security flaws seems wasteful.

--Tim May

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