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Re: Re: Chaum's cash: backup?

"James A. Donald" <[email protected]> wrote:
>>if it was like "real" cash, then it really would be lost.
>It is really lost.
>Your disk drive contains information the bank *cannot* know.
>If you do not know that information either, you cannot prove to
>the bank or anyone else that you rightfully possess a legitimate coin.

You seem to have different information than we have. Strange. Please 
reread the press release.

I could give a hint: your random state initializer is not the too-often 
used srand( time( NULL ) ) but user-chosen during installation. Write 
that initializer down and you can re-generate all coins. The bank can 
check wether these coins were indeed signed, and, after revealing 
blinding factors, the bank can also check if they were used. The 
difference must have been on your disk.

This system is not completely operational yet but will be used in the 

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