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FV -- What we have learned

Please excuse the cross-posting, I'll keep it short.

With my colleagues at First Virtual, I have recently completed what we
intend to be the definitive statement about what FV has learned from a
full year of processing payments over the Internet.  This is not
intended as a puff piece, but a serious academic-style overview.  We're
hoping it will prove to be a valuable resource for anyone trying to
process payments on the net, even those who disagree with some aspects
of FV's approach.  The paper will be presented next week at the
"Frontiers in Electronic Commerce" conference in Austin.  

In Postscript, it's a 14 page paper with a nearly 30 page appendix, so
it doesn't *have* to be a long paper to read unless you want it to be. 
:-)   Plain text and postscript versions are available on the net by
anonymous ftp:
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