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ANNOUNCEMENT: Digest Version Changes Hosts

The digest version [cypherpunks-d] of the cypherpunks mailing list has 
been moved to a faster host.

Previously it was under the care of [email protected], but it has 
been moved to the care and feeding of [email protected]

The new machine has a big more disk, a bit more processor, and is on the 
fast end of a T1 [the other was at my home on the good 'ole shared 28.8k 

ANYWAY---->  If you were subscribed to the digest version already, you 
are still there.  If you would LIKE to subscribe to the digest version, 
just send e-mail to '[email protected]' with the line 
'subscribe cypherpunks-d' in the BODY.

The digest is created every 40k [or about 2-3 times/day it seems].  
Please let me know directly if there are any problems with this new system.

BTW, the first issue after moving to the new system will be Volume 2, 
Issue 1.