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Re: Info: Elementrix POTP

I just saw a glaring error in this article which Dana forwards to us which
needs correcting:

At 9:19 PM 10/23/95, Dana W. Albrecht wrote:
>Forwarded from sci.crypt:
>In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] (WHMurray)
>> In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] (Michael Handler)
>> writes:

>> >OTOH, I saw a press-release on Cypherpunks a week or two back that
>> >claimed Whitfield Diffie and David Kahn had both examined the algorithm
>> >under NDA, and both were blown away by it. OTOOH, I don't know how much
>> >Diffie and Kahn know about TCP/IP.
>> Diffie knows enough; Kahn less.  However, both are geniuses and know what
>> they need to know.  As to their being "blown away," I tend to doubt it.
>> The idea is useful but not revolutionary.

It was Winn Schwartau, not Whit Diffie, who gave the rave review.

Schwartau wrote the book "Information Warfare," as well as a novel about
hacking, and is not a professional cryptologist.

--Tim May

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