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FidoNet Remailer



I have been a long time lurker on this list, as well as having a long time
interest in crypto.  Most of my activity in this area has been on FidoNet
rather than the internet.  Due to the control phreak nature of much of
FidoNet, I've spent a lot of time and effort in an attempt to just simply
route around the bastards.  I created the SecureMail system, which is a
network of FidoNet nodes that agree to route any and all traffic without
monitoring or censorship.  Within SecureMail, encrypted traffic is not
only permitted, it is encouraged.

Which brings me to the point of this message.  I have written a anonymous
remailer program for FidoNet.  It is currently running on my FidoNet node
in an alpha test mode.  It has only been running a couple of weeks, and
seems to be doing quite well.  I have just added internet addressability
to it.  What this means is that now anonymous messages can be remailed
between FidoNet and the internet.  Having still another routing path should
further decrease the traceability of these messages.

I would like to ask the cypherpunks to help me test the remailer across
the gateway.  Please send many messages through this remailer from both
the FidoNet and the internet side of the gateway.  Try to break it.  I
want a good reliable piece of software, and if it can survive attempts
by this group to break it, there will be a lot more confidence in it.

Following are instructions for using the FidoNet remailer:

- From FidoNet, send your message to Remail at 1:216/21.  From the internet,
send your message to: [email protected]

In all cases, the first text line of the message must contain a double
colon.  The second line contains the remail command, and the third line
is blank.  The actual text to be remailes starts on line 4.

To send a message to Joe Sixpack at FidoNet address 1:102/903, enter:
remail-to: Joe Sixpack @ 1:102/903.

To send a message to an internet address, enter:
remail-to: [email protected]

(Sorry, Tim -- couldn't resist using you as an example :-) 

To get a short help file, enter:

To post a message to the FidoNet SYSOP Echo, enter:
remail-to: SYSOP

I'll welcome discussions of this remailer on the list, or in private mail.
Bug reports and/or comments are encouraged.  I can be reached at
[email protected]

BTW, I will be at the cypherpunks meeting in Anguilla next week.  Hope to
meet some of you there.

Jim - International SecureMail Host (ISMH)
PGP key 1024/B7822B3D
fingerprint =  0F F4 79 06 3B 33 99 D1  07 36 66 66 80 85 76 B3

Protect your right to privacy. Say no to GAK.

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