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Re: Mark Twain Bank (was: Anonymity: A Modest Proposal)

On Mon, 23 Oct 1995, Douglas Barnes wrote:

> This extremely unprofessional, bungled launch does, I admit, make
> Mondex (with scads of beautiful marketing literature) look better all
> the time, although based on some conversations on Sunday, it appears
> that they may have _extremely serious_ architectural security problems.
> We'll see how things play out.

MT Bank could clearly benefit from a Linux-type of advocacy and support.  
There are oodles of people out there with Desk Top Publishing equipment 
and graphics talents that could help MT/Digicash out.  Why should they?  
Simply, for the benefit of the net (remember that???).

Im sure some of the folks on the WEBS mailing list could start with a 
rehaul of their Web Page.  Lets see if we can get at least some pro bono 
design work for marketing materials for real ecash.  Talk it up in the 
newsgroups and whatever lists you are on.  Add it to your already to 
lengthy <g> .signature.

It does appear a clumsy announcement, but nonetheless, congrats to the 
folks at MT and Digicash for doing their best to make e-commerce a bit 
more safe.

> Later,
> Doug

Go to http://www.digicash.com/ecash.html
then to Mark Twain
then open account
then *spend, spend, spend*