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Re: Verification of Registration

>Your membership registration has been processed.  To become a full member
>of c|net online, please return the text of this message (to [email protected]).
>The following magic token in this message [cypherpunks::752400770] will be automatically
>processed to verify you.  Please note: The number included in the token is
>*not* your password; the one to use on the site is the one you entered on
>the registration form.
>Please include the complete token appearing above, including the brackets.
>The best way to return it to us is to include this entire message in your
>reply.  If you mailer does not allow you to do this, retype or cut and
>paste the magic token (including the square brackets) into a new message to
>[email protected] If you are having difficulty completing this process,
>please direct your questions to [email protected]
>Once you are verified you will be able to take advantage of the full
>range of c|net online's services.