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Re: Verification of Registration

[email protected] writes:
> Your membership registration has been processed. [...]
> The number included in the token is *not* your password;
> the one to use on the site is the one you entered on
> the registration form.

Lynne L. Harrison, Esq. writes:
>   Curious.  Did anyone else receive this unsolicitated *invitation*?

...and several other people said "me too !!" to the 1000+ people on the list.


We really do have a lot of new people here these days, don't we ?  :}

OK, first of all, yes, we all got it, it was sent to the list address.

Second of all, sending messages that amount to "me too !", with lots of
gratuitous quoted text, to a large mailing list is generally a _very_
poor idea. This advice generally occurs in the first few pages of any general
guide to Usenet, netiquette, etc.  I wonder why they publish those things ?
No-one seems to read them....

Thirdly, what has happened is that someone has registered for a service at a
web site and given the c'punks list address as the membership address. 
Reply email is a standard mechanism for verifying an address.

Now, a while back some c'punks made a habit of signing up for various 
(usually free) services on the net, and publicizing the username/password
pairs, to stymie the collection of membership profiles etc. Often a
fairly standard combination like username=cypherpunk,password=cypherpunk was
used so people could easily guess the right pair for any given site.

Unfortunately, many people gave the list address as the member contact
address when they registered somewhere. Getting spammed with a potentially
huge number of registration confirmations isn't very helpful to the list.
Various people have asked everyone to cease signing the list up to these
sites. But the paradigm seems to have caught on a bit too well, and we still
get confirmation messages periodically.

Finally, have a nice day. 

Enough history -- now back to social studies with Alice.... 

-Futplex <[email protected]>