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pkcs7 examples

Greetings peoples,

I have just about finished writing routines to parse and write pkcs7 objects.
I have written all the backend digital envelope routines and so now I 
have to decide on the the library API and test things.

I currently only have a single pkcs7-signedData example, one that is being 
used to 'transport' x509 certificates and CRL's.

Do any of you out there have pkcs-7 'objects' you can send me?
I especially want examples of pkcs7 signedAndEnveloped.

For those that don't know, pkcs7 is used in S/MIME and is a superset of 
PEM.  The degenerative case of signedData is being used by protocols 
such as SSLv3 to transport X509 CRL's.

thanks in advance.

eric (whos SSL library is becoming a kitchen sink of crypto related stuff)
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