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Re: What is needed for S/MIME remailer ?

baldwin , Robert W. Baldwin wrote:
>         The other day I was wondering what it would take to make an
> anonymous remailer for an S/MIME client.  Implementing S/MIME from
> scratch is a lot of work given the lack of a public domain
> implementation, but it seems that a remailer could be built on top
> of a commercial email product that supported S/MIME.  The question
> is: What features should a commercial S/MIME email product have to
> make it easy to support a remailer?  Are there a small set of
> command line options that would greatly simplify a remailer
> implementation?

  S/MIME is mostly PKCS#7.  Eric Young is doing an implementation
of PKCS#7 for his SSLEAY package.  It seems like a good place
to start...


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