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Re: Hack DigiCash: Payee Anonymity


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> Well, Sameer is offering a "Hack DigiCash" promotion, in the same spirit as
> the hack Netscape and Microsoft offer.  However, Chaum is a fairly
> experienced cryptographer, and I doubt that there are any major security
> flaws in the system.  The trial version used RSAREF, so that code at least
> was open for your inspection.  There is still the possibility of bugs
> creeping in when porting to different platforms tho...
> I think the most interesting hack to pursue is to eliminate the
> payee-nonanonymity problem.  The current software uses the following
> protocol:
[protocol elided]

Payee anonymity will never be integrated into the protocol for political
reasons. Still, it is trivial to do this with current Ecash by setting up
a repayer site. I'll release some perl scipts doing just that as soon as
my current project is over (~2-3 weeks).
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