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Re: [NOISE] Re: Hack DigiCash: Payee Anonymity

Dave sez:

: >Now all we need is to do is get some specs on how DigiCash's software works
: >so that we can code this.  I expect that this method will become quite
: >popular.  To withdraw DigiCash, one must come up with $250 to start, sign a
: >bunch of forms, etc.  I suspect that most people would rather change money
: >in lesser amounts, probably under $50.  This opens up a huge market for
: >Blacknet money exchangers.  I would gladly pay Tim's Internet Cash Exchange
: >a commission to exchange $50 worth of greenbacks for Digicash instead of
: >dealing with Mark Twain and shelling out $250 to start..

: Irrelevant point: To open an account as a consumer, not a merchant, and
: solely for DigiCash use, only $11 (!) is required.  Although I'll agree
: with the bunch of forms part.  Damn, I wish I understood legalese...

Hmm their webpage states clearly:

--begin quote--
How Does This All Work?

There are two essential components to this test of the Ecash system. Both are necessary 
to make this work.

   1.You must open a WorldCurrency Access(tm) account with Mark Twain Bank (USA).
     This is a traditional banking account where you can choose between 25 different
     currencies for your deposits. 
   2.You will obtain and install the Ecash software by DigiCash. This is subject to a 
     separat license agreement. In conjunction with your banking account from 
     Mark Twain Bank, you can now move money to your own hard drive from the Ecash Mint,
     for spending when you choose. 
--end quote--

Now, to open an WorldCurrency Access(tm) account you have to deposit $2500, if the account
balance falls below $250 you need to pay a $10 fee. I surely hope that someone could
shed some light on this.