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Re: CJR returned to sender

Raph Levien writes:

:    I got the CJR back today, envelope unopened (although the corner was
: torn so you could see there were t-shirts inside). "Returned to sender",
: it said, "Refused___, Unclaimed___".
:    The address on the envelope reads:
: ATTN: Samuel L. Capino - 15 day CJR
: Defense Trade Analyst
: U.S. Dept. of State
: Office of Defense Trade Controls
: PM/DTC SA-6 Room 200
: 1701 N. Fort Meyer Drive
: Arlington, CA 22209-3113
:    Did I do something wrong, or did the Dept. of State decide it
: didn't want to deal with this CJR?
: Raph

I don't know, but I did speak with Mr. Capino on Monday, Oct. 23,
1995.  He said that they had downsized since he had taken over for
Major Oncale and that he was now responsible for all commodity
jurisdiction requests covering all items on the munitions list.  He
did not seem at all knowledgeable about cryptographic software.  

He did say, however, that he had heard that there was going to be (or
had been, I don't remember the exact words) a commodity jurisdiction
request on a T-shirt.  He obviously had not seen the request.  From his
mention of this matter I am quite sure that he had not deliberately
rejected the application.  He seems to be a pleasant person, and
sounded quite helpful, and I am sure that he wasn't being cute.  (On
the other hand the only helpful information that he could give me was
that there is now a NSA representative assigned to the Office of
Defense Trade Controls whose name is Karen Hopkinson and whose job is
to answer all questions relating to cryptography, but so far Ms. Hopkinson
has not responded to repeated phone calls.)

Peter D. Junger--Case Western Reserve University Law School--Cleveland, OH
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