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RE: (fwd) Chaum vs. Stein

I have unsubscribed from this mailing list. Please remove my name from   
your personal address lists. Thanks.


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Subject:  (fwd) Chaum vs. Stein

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Date: 24 Oct 95 13:38:40 EDT
Subject: Chaum vs. Stein

Wanted to save my 'me too' until a time I could piggy-back it onto   
something a
little more pithy (and I DO mean 'little'). Robert, thanks for taking the   
and energy for filtering cpx and forwarding the best. David, thanks for
providing the forum. Now that  _that's_  out of the way ...

I've just been handed a registration booklet for The Bank Administration
Institute's Retail Delivery '95 conference December 2-6 in Atlanta.   
speakers include The Bill, MasterCard CEO Eugene Lockhart, Visa   
CEO Edmund Jensen, Intuit CEO Scott Cook and Checkfree CEO Pete Kight   

Featured on page 6 is a "Fireside Chat: The Financial Marketplace of the
Future" moderated by Lou Dobbs... How warm and fuzzy. What really caught   
was a panel discussion on Internet Security scheduled for that Wednesday.   
panelists are David Chaum, Cybercash CEO William Melton, and FV CEO Lee   

If anyone goes, tell us all how it went!

Kicker -  the postal frank is of the "non-profit organization" variety.
BIA's site is at http://www.bai.org

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