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Re: Reformated: How secure....

Scott Brickner writes:
> "Perry E. Metzger" writes:
> >Amateurs pretending that they are professionals going out and selling
> >snake-oil crypto are one of the biggest threats in our business.
> and then...
> >I suspect it would take a real cryptographer very little effort to
> >break your system, but that no one will bother doing so because it
> >isn't really worth anyone's time.
> Well, Perry, if it's really such a threat, isn't it worth someone's
> time to combat it?
> Wasn't that point driven home by the Netscape PRNG problems?

Netscape is in wide use. If a substantial number of people bothered to
use the Privsoft, then it might be worth breaking it. As it stands, I
don't think its worth my while. Maybe someone out there wants to
bother to do it as an exercise. It unfortunately has a bit of added
complexity because you have to learn a bit about image statistics in
order to do a good job of segregating the images, but it also looks
like you might be able to use multiple anagramming to get a nice
handle on the thing so your statistics don't have to be particularly