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Re: From Bill Frezza: Electronic Warfare

On Tue, 31 Oct 1995, Bill Frezza <[email protected]> wrote:

> Attached is a column that will appear on the op-ed page of tomorrow's
> (10/30) Communications Week that was stimulated largely by a report filed

> Cypherpunks mailing list ([email protected]) you can get some excellent

list address is [email protected]
list manager is [email protected]
sending list mail to majordomo will not work

> cyberspace.  Heightened conflict is inevitable.  Expect the rhetoric to get
> a lot hotter as the government spinmeisters labor to keep us focused on
> public enemies while frantically trying to keep its hand in every citizens
> pocket and its eyes on every bankbook.

the entire issue is not tied to money
the gummint is not just looking for more money

can't anyone from the media get it right

better story than w$j can make though
congratulations you're more clueful than the average media stooge