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[[email protected]: Electronic CIPHER, Issue 10, November 1, 1995, Postcard edition]

Please pardon the forward -- but y'all might be interested in this

Date: Wed, 1 Nov 95 10:02:51 EST
From: <[email protected]>
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Subject:  Electronic CIPHER, Issue 10, November 1, 1995, Postcard edition

Dear Cipher Postcard subscriber,
The next issue of Cipher (EI#10, dated November 1, 1995)
is now available for downloading from the anonymous FTP site or from
the Archive on the Cipher Home Page.  This message includes only the 
table of contents and retrieval instructions. I will update the Web
pages as soon as I can.

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   _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/  _/         _/    _/  _/_/_/_/  _/     _/

Newsletter of the IEEE Computer Society's TC on Security and Privacy
Electronic Issue 10       November 1, 1995     Carl Landwehr, Editor
                                        Hilarie Orman, Assoc. Editor
Contents:                                         [1550 lines total]
Letter from the Editor 
Security and Privacy News Briefs:                       
 o S&P '96 deadline approaches
 o LISTWATCH: WWW-Security --  by Mary Ellen Zurko
 o US Navy ship's computers penetrated during JWID '95
 o US medical records confidentiality act (S.1360) introduced
 o Microsoft security: printer/network flaws/fixes; 
                       application-level object reuse problem
 o Netscape security: bucks for break-ins
 o Separation (micro)kernel from IBM?
 o European Commission to propose cryptography policy
 o FIRST to re-form as nonprofit
 o RSA pushes for firewall security standard
Articles and Conference Reports:
 o NISS notes:
 o IFIP WG11.3 Conference on Database Security; summary by David Spooner
Calls for Papers: Many! 
Reader's guide to recent security and privacy literature 
 o Conference Papers
 o Journal and Newsletter articles 
Who's Where: recent address changes
New Reports available via FTP and WWW
Interesting Links 
DSL subscription offer
How to join the TC on Security and Privacy
Publications for sale 
TC officers
Information for Subscribers and Contributors  
Retrieval instructions:
 There is an archive that includes each copy distributed so far, in ascii,
 in files you can download at URL
 There is also an anonymous FTP server that contains the same files.
 To access the archive via anonymous FTP:
 1. ftp www.itd.nrl.navy.mil
 2. At prompt for ID, enter "anonymous"
 3. At prompt for password, enter your actual, full e-mail address
 4. Once you are logged in, change to the Cipher Directory:
    cd pub/cipher
 5. Now you can request any of the files containing Cipher issues in ascii.
    Issues are named in the form: EI#N.9506  where N is the number of the
    issue desired and 9506 captures the year and month it first appeared.
=======end of Electronic Cipher Issue #10, 1 November 1995================