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Re: US government department for crime enforcement!

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995 [email protected] wrote:

> It's come to my attention that the US government has a group
> called the 'Department of the Treasury Financial Crimes 
> Enforcement Network' in Vienna, Virginia.
Yeah, in case you're interested, Anon, Wired had an article on them,
I think in 1.2, the cypherpunks issue. It might also be in their privacy 
archive. Fincen has webpages at 

The agency is pretty much an alternative to the IRS's crumbling computers
and a nice cover for possibly unapproved interagency cooperation.
Look up some recent posts by Douglas Barnes on a banking conference.

Sorry to repeat what's been said here a zillion times before.

This account is a remailer for bad terminal servers. The above opinions are 
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