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Re: Was I censored <etc.>

At 3:15 AM 11/2/95, Gary Jeffers wrote:
>My original plaintext post of Internet control by spooks has still not been
>posted. I have made 2 posts since that were posted quickly. Are things
>getting BAD!? Could I have fucked up? Do remailers now have a new use?

And at 4:45 am or so, having worked all bloody night--having received all
the posts you mention--I'm responding:

        (1) Chill out, chum.
        (2) CP maybe isn't the best place to post internal dialogues.
        (3) There's a good chance that many people on this list have had
            one or another experience with automagically/mysteriously
            delayed mail: AFAICT, we're all still here. If you'd like,
            I'll confirm that I heard my echo from the listserv.
and    (4)  If you live around the NY/NY area, give WFMU some money; and
            even if you don't, give them some money. If the spooks are
            ever stupid enough to "black out" the net, some fruit with
            very fine musical taste at FMU will let everyone know. But
            only with your support.