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Meeting: Nov. 4 in Austin, TX


A reminder to those in the central Texas area on Saturday (Nov. 4, 1995)
from 6-8pm. The Austin chapter will be meeting at Ted's Greek Restaraunt on
the 400 block of Congress (next to Oscar Snowden's).

We will be trying to wrest control of the last couple of tables in the rear.

Issues we will be discussing:

     *  Further interests of the members and forming working groups.

     *  Make further arrangements to start doing PGP key signing services
        at the end of the monthly EFF meeting.

     *  Discuss doing a 1-hour video on the basic ideas and issues of
        cryptography and current society.

     *  Invitation from CT-LUG to come to their next build-up which is
        scheduled for Nov. 18 but is tentative for now. If all works well
        this may be an opportunity to play with some re-mailer software
        under Linux.

Hope to see some of you there!

                                              Jim Choate
                                              [email protected]