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Re: lp (

Responding to msg by [email protected] ("Perry E. Metzger") on 
Sun, 05 Nov 12:13 PM

>Quit looking for the spooks where they aren't. You 
>should always  assume your line is being tapped if you 
>are saying something you don't  want heard, anway.

   True, it's not Smokey behind the billboard, blinked at you
   by oncoming headlights, it's the sensors in the roadbed
   that reads your tag -- when it leaves your home-ain, then
   at the remailer donkeystops, then at your recreational
   stash-house, at the pedo-filmery, at the Semtex-Pantex
   workhide, at the digi-wallet-copyfast, right into
   ananonymous Ken-Barbie's e-slot.

   TLA-Smokey is friendly, maybe intra-humanly let you off
   with a warning, not the anonymous high-techery, it responds
   only to its friend, the tag -- tracing, storing, mutating 
   whinefleshers, 0's by 1's.

   That's the how, maybe, but for who or what or why?

   Or is it just machines feeding machines incomprehensibles?