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Re: lp (

: This is silly.  If the NSA were monitoring traffic with the consent of
: EUnet and UUNET (and note that EUnet is owned by UUNET rival PSI), they
: wouldn't need to play these routing games; they'd just eavesdrop at an
: interconnect or on the leased lines leading into it, run a rough filter
: over it to cut down volume, and tunnel the traffic home through other
: channels (probably satellite).  And if they were monitoring without the
: consent of UUNET and EUnet, they still wouldn't play these games because
: the providers would be upset about the unexpected load on the expensive
: and overloaded transatlantic pipes.

PSI has an 11% stake in EUnet, since they took over EUnet Britain, 11% doesn't
qualify as 'owning' where I live.