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Re: alt.anonymous.messages considered harmful

>Those who do get the message, can not notice a cancel attack; those
>who don't, would have to carefully search for suspicious Supersedes:
>lines and monitor the control newsgroup. A denial of service attack by
>manipulated Path: header cannot be detected by the victim.

cancels aren't the only monster .. we have a vigilante up the pipe somewhere
deleting a chunk of every post set in certain alt.binaries.* groups without
a cancel - they're simply not passing along a piece of every set. this is
irritating (as an ISP) since it should be an individual site's
responsibility (if not the user emselve's), hence the term 'vigilante' as
opposed to 'concerned administrator'. the fix is to get multiple feeds, of
course, but everyone in the area happens to be fed through this branch ..
but i digress. 
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