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Re: Kallstrom Calls All Calls Tappable

John Young writes:
>    "Privacy Groups Assail FBI's Wiretapping Plan" [Excerpt]
>    James Kallstrom, assistant FBI director in charge of the
>    New York field division, argues that the proposal would in
>    fact reduce the FBI's surveillance authority.

Kallstrom is the guy who was using the example of snuff films (a known
urban legend) to try to FUD the audiance at the Bar Association debate
into supporting key escrow.

It appears, by the way, that the FBI may have goofed here. Even Steve
Post, the morning classical radio announcer on WNYC-FM in New York,
was making fun of the FBI this morning.

[Lets try not to make this into an extensive thread. We all have work
to do. For example, I have a 4.4BSD IPSEC implementation in my
possession that I don't have time to integrate into NetBSD and FreeBSD
in the next few weeks. Any volunteers out there?]