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Re[2]: Radiation Detectors from Aware Electronics

     Perry -
     Sorry for the rude question.  I have been following this thread 
     closely but must have missed the original message regarding using 
     radiation detectors to produce random numbers.

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Subject: Re: Radiation Detectors from Aware Electronics 
Author:  [email protected] at internet
Date:    03-11-95 09:23

[email protected] writes:
>      So what does this have to do with this mailing list??
Generating good random numbers is key to operating a solid 
cryptographic system. I've argued that computer interfaced radiation 
detectors are the optimal way of generating such numbers because they 
are hard to screw up -- biased diode noise and other sources are too 
easy to misdesign or misuse. Aware is a source of such detectors.
> There have been several requests for information on the company that 
> makes the radiation detectors with RS232 interfaces that I mentioned. 
> Here is how to reach them:
> Aware Electronics
> P.O. Box 4299
> Wilmington, DE 19807
> Phone (800) 729-5397
>       (302) 655-3800
> Perry