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Re[2]: FBI seeks huge wiretapping system

Subject: Re: FBI seeks huge wiretapping system 
Author:  Jay Campbell <[email protected]> at internet
Date:    03-11-95 06:08

>I was being facetious. The point is that the government has no 
>inherent right to tap our phones -- indeed, it didn't do so for nearly 
>the first 200 years of our existance, and we did just fine -- better, 
>in fact. 
It is a well-known fact that it was common practice for NSA operatives to
masquerade as Injuns in the 1800's and waylay Pony Express riders in order 
I think you'll find the NSA was not in existence in the 1800's.

to intercept communications between targeted parties. This practice lost 
popularity towards the end of the century with the advent of boxed cereal, 
and with it the Lone Ranger Decoder Ring, since the operatives were too 
underfunded to afford anything more than oatmeal.
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