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Re: Physician, Heal Thyself

Timothy C. May writes:
> >Tim May will doubtless disagree, but he has nothing else to do in life
>                                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >than read the net so his incentives to see traffic minimized aren't
> >the same as other people's.
> Perry, would you please knock off the drone of snide remarks about
> me?

It wasn't a snide remark. I believe that the fact that you are retired
and spend a considerable fraction of your day reading news and mail
alters your perspective about what is reasonable.

BTW, I thought I was in your kill file.

> You are often quick to say "What has this got to do with Cypherpunks?," but
> you yourself are perfectly willing to rant on about Nietzsche, the East
> Germans, and Louis Freeh. Physician, heal thyself.

You frequently say this sort of thing, but its groundless. My
Nietzsche comment was a sarcastic side remark and not a discussion of
Nietzsche -- I refused, in fact, to discuss him. Mentions about the
FBI's new telephony tapping requirements are on topic provided they
aren't excessive, as are comments on a wide variety of cryptography
and security related topics.

What I object to is noise. Postings about Waco, IBM microkernel
operating systems, INSLAW, and libertarianism aren't on topic. A
message noting that there is a hearing in the Bernstein trial (as with
John Gilmore), brief notices about the availabilty of online articles
on topics of interest (as with John Young), etc, are all perfectly in
order. Its when people start posting garbage that has nothing to do
with local discussion (such as whether socialism is good) that I get
mad. I think that this is not a difficult line to understand.