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Re: [political noise] Re: Crypto & Taxes

As much as I agree with you, this really doesn't belong in
Cypherpunks. This REALLY isn't a list about libertarian politics.


[email protected] writes:
> On Fri, 3 Nov 1995 [email protected] wrote:
> > Why unfortunately? I happen to consider that our modern social ecconomy
> > is a high point of civilisation. It is certainly a tremendous achievement.
> > We can educate the entire population, provide them with health care,
> > prevent famine and provide protection against crime and agression by
> > other states. All in all rather a good deal.
> That wonderful state of bliss seems rather limited in certain parts of 
> the world. 
> Not that I want to get into a big political discussion, but David Friedman
> has a nice, calm and rational book called The Machinery of Freedom, 2nd ed,
> which argues anarchism/libertarianism from an economist'spoint of view. 
> The argument is not cased in terms of ethics and morals but rather 
> economic efficiency and utility. Slim, easy to read and cheap. He also 
> has a good sense of humor. Unfortunately the book is currently on back order.
> I'm holding on to my library copy until they ship one to me.
> You can butt heads with him and Tim on the cyberia list (I don't remember 
> the address but they have it at news://nntp.hks.net )
> I gather from the cyphernomicon that someone recently converted him to 
> cryptoanarchy.