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Crypto++, Cpunk Icons, list noise


Wei Dai <[email protected]> writes:

>I am still talking to RSADSI's lawyers, but it's taking a lot longer 

And the efforts are appreciated. Of course, your original efforts can
still be appreciated at utopia.hacktic.nl. 

I don't know about everyone else, but that TCP encryption sounded
interesting. Any plans to discuss it on the list? 

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An anonymous complainer writes:

>Well, Perry, my opinion is that there is far too much noise on this list 
>as it is.  I have already seen my words drowned out by bellyaching over 
>next to nothing.


Also, since nothing you've written (in your commentary, as opposed to
anonymous announcements or releases that most people use anonymity for
here) indicates that you're using anonymity for any particular reason,
please stop so people can killfile you. Or send it from a nym at
alpha.c2.org. I mean, the NSA has your real name anyway, what's the

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Jay Campbell <[email protected]> writes:

>>masquerade as Injuns in the 1800's and waylay Pony Express riders in order 
>>                            ^^^^^^
>>I think you'll find the NSA was not in existence in the 1800's.

>I'm disappointed at the sheer number of similar pieces of email I received
>on this. You'da thought the Capn Crunch reference was silly enough that
>people would give me a funny look and trash the original message.

Hmm, I guess most of them at least had the sense to not send it to the
list. The list still sees FAR too many personal queries and rebuttals. TO
THE GUILTY: take your bonehead replies to email please.

Jay: I had a similar experience when I mentioned elsewhere that all the
primes under 1000 digits were really invented by the NSA over 20 years
ago. I recommended wearing garlic around the neck for protection... 

Everyone: This 1% wiretap thing is getting old. Hint hint hint

- ----

Lastly, regarding cpunk icons, the only ones I was able to find were at
the BAP site. I've been drawing a few of my own, one of them is done. It's
a yellow diamond that says Cypherpunk on Board. And it has the anarchy-A-
inside-a-C symbol. It's interlaced and transparent, so it doesn't look too
bad. You're all welcome to steal it at http://students.cs.byu.edu/~don.
Also working on a PGP icon. BAP has an envelope with PGP being the seal. I
was thinking maybe a deadbolt ("PGP") with the inscription "Mommy said to
lock the doors at night" or some kind of safety lock-your-doors or
lock-your-data reference. 

For the time being I'm working on a simple PGP/ZLDF icon, it will be
on my page Real Soon Now[tm]. If you like my icons please tell me.


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