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Cypherpunks Santa Cruz Meeting/Party, 95-11-11

I have sent out a detailed announcement of a "Cypherpunks Santa Cruz"
meeting/party at my house in Corralitos, California, on Saturday, 11

This was sent to the mailing list of interested folks I maintain. If you
are on this list, you already got the detailed message. If you are
interested in getting on the list, drop me a line. I can also send the
detailed announcement to anyone who is interested.

As background, the Cypherpunks Santa Cruz is for folks in the Santa Cruz,
Monterey, Carmel, Boulder Creek, Watsonville, Salinas, Big Sur, etc. area,
or for anyone else on the Central Coast. Or anyone else, for that matter.
At the last (and first) party we had Greg Broiles down from Eugene, Oregon,
and Jeff Simmons up from San Luis Obispo, plus a bunch of folks from "over
the hill" in the Silicon Valley/Bay Area. All told, 25 people.

I'm not sure if there is a Bay Area meeting that day. If so, attend one or
the other, or both, as my party starts late afternoon (of course, it may be
a long drive, depending on where the Bay Aryans are meeting).

--Tim May

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