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The Crypto Applications we would rather not talk about

     Anonymous remailer and PGP
     Unusual applications

I dont know if anyone else caught it last year
but High Times discovered anonymous remailers
and PGP for an article last year for
anonymous remote control of grow rooms.

PGP Wins again?

and lately the thule people(bigoted and racist Nazis)
have been learning to protect themselves also
according to news reports from germany.

Crypto and Privacy tools protect everyone
from the hero to the anti-hero...

   the technology itself is neutral

I wonder how long it will be before we hear news reports
of some of the governments people being caught using
internet casinos from the white house network.

On other notes CCCF(the chaos computer club France)
was shown to have had a high level plant from
the french intel services, The founder of the CCCF
   this story seems to repeat itself over and over
when you are doing something of which the authorities DONT
approve they WILL attempt to infiltrate and subvert from the

    The answers are there and have been published
in most books on tradecraft, 3 person cells organized
as pyramids. Anonymous remail tech and crypto
make this system possible with out Face to face contact.
When does this lesson finally get learned?