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Re: using PGP only for digital signatures

On Sat, 4 Nov 1995, Derek Atkins wrote:

> student from coming to the US.  By allowing the student into the US,
> the gov't is implicitly giving them the right to use PGP within the
> US.

This is kind of a risky policy to take. The general feeling I get that 
allowing non green-card holders access to strong cryptography is sort of 
decriminalised, in that the police aren't likely to break down your door 
and have your AFS server accidentaly fall down stairs. However, it is 
still against the law, and could be used against the university in other 
unrelated circumstances.

It seems that licences allowing foreign nationals access to cryptographic 
software within the US are pretty easy to get, and especially for 
something like PGP on a central machine. 

Simon // My name is Spero, Simon Spero - licence to encrypt