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Re: alt.anonymous.messages considered harmful

I will feed alt.anonymous.messages to ANYONE who asks. I will accept a feed
of that one group from any news server which is used by a remailer.


At 1:13 PM 11/2/95, Futplex wrote:
>Name Withheld by Request writes:
>[re: problems with the Usenet newsgroup model of pseud/anonymous message pools]
>> Denial of service attacks could be made somewhat less feasible by
>> making the pool accessible as a mailing list and via http.
>Mailing lists of course suffer the problem of strictly limited participation.
>The web approach might work better, in some future with better privacy-
>protecting infrastructure in place. Specifically, if HTTP transactions with
>a popular web server were routinely encrypted, then all reasonably long
>visits to that site would act as cover traffic for a message pool on that
>server. As a bonus, you could have a spiffy form on the web page that
>searches the pool for you.
>In any event, the server could log your exploration. This returns us to the
>issue of strongly anonymous web proxies. (And we could imagine
>countermeasures, like daemons that search for randomly selected pseudonym tags
>to muddy the waters. As Tim might say, lots of issues.)
>Also, the mention of "as a mailing list _and_ via http" is significant. Making
>the pool available in multiple forms seems to be an unconditional benefit.
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