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Public Reviews of CheckFree Wallet system?

Here is some more information on the Checkfree Wallet (tm) system. I've
learn about it from some reporting I've been doing on it..

1) Has there been any public review of this product?

Here is the basic run down

It uses a 768-bit key. They claim it is not escrow-ed with the US
government. It is export able to most countries except for Sudan, Cuba,
North Korea, Syria, Libya, Iraq ot Iran.

It encrypts limited bits of information (like Credit Card Numbers)
which is why they claim it was able to get export approval.

User configures the Wallet(tm) by downloading and installing and
configuring it. It works with Proxy servers which I have
successfully tested.

It generates a public and private key pair using RSA technology.

It keeps the payer anonymous to the merchant via the internet. Merchants can learn the payer's name out of band (e.g., by phone).

No credit card info is stored on a merchant's site.

Payment is encrypted and signed buy the payer and sent to the merchant
who add's there version of the transaction and their signature. It is
forwarded to check free who then decrypt, compare the payers' and
merchant's view of the transaction and if they agree process it.

It use is very very quick and easy. It auto configures itself to
Netscape. Payment information is sent to the Wallet (TM) from the
merchant in a Mime segment, which triggers a launch of the Wallet, the
payer binds in their credit card data (all ready at Checkfree (at
installation) e.g., which card to use. Then the whole thing is sent to
the merchant then the onto Checkfree for processing as indicated

I was very impressed with the software and it's easy of use. Currently
only works on Windows but soon on the Mac..


                Harry Hawk
                Manager of Interactive Communications
                Warwick Baker & Fiore
                212 941 4438
                [email protected]