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Re: nym-compoop

On Sun, 5 Nov 1995, Stephen Whitaker wrote:

> Back to where this started:
> Eating my tasty crow gives rise to another question relating to the timing
> and continuity of these threads: How did the first responder on the RE:
>, Simon Spero, reply at 10:48 pm on Nov. 4 to Anonymous' posting
> of 7:19AM on Nov 5? Which way is this thing spinnin?

Multiple choice:

a) Because I have a PPP connection to Dionne's Psychic Internetwork
b) Because my brownian motion RNG used an inferior quality rubber band 
   and I can now travel through time.
c) Because the Earth is round.

lets work the example:

a) can't be correct, because there's no way anyone on my salary could 
   afford the 1-900- charges.

b) can't be correct because If I could travel in time this weekend, I'd have 
   gone to  Ramat Gan with an Uzi, and one of the best generals of the 
   twentieth century would still be  alive.

c) could be... I wrote the message from a machine in Menlo Park, which is 
   in the pacific time zone. Convert both times to GMT, and everything make