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Re: nym-compoop

> I'm glad "nobody" thinks I'm a nym for being a good eight hours:fifty-nine
> minutes out of step and having lowered my reputation in his/her eyes. Now
> I'll ask my question again, which apparantly got lost in the collective
> groan of my stale post:

You're just fine.

>         Are there ways for someone with access to modify router tables 
>         to constantly create alternate paths at other routers 
>         which would serve to end-around any such snoops?

Yes - and for other purposes as well.

> I can hardly find anyone who even cares about the fact that our legislature
> relies on the executive branch gov-net managers for their port/connection on
> the internet router. They also rely on the executive branch for
> troubleshooting their novell LAN. Does anyone else see a separation of
> powers issue or privacy issue here? Note that I cc: the speaker, who cares
> but doesn't yet grasp the implications. Feel free to write him directly. His
> name is Michael Obuchowski, Obe for short, <[email protected]>, tell
> him I sent you.

Is this really him, or just a secretary with electronically generated
keyword search and reply capabilities?

> Back to where this started:
> Eating my tasty crow gives rise to another question relating to the timing
> and continuity of these threads: How did the first responder on the RE:
>, Simon Spero, reply at 10:48 pm on Nov. 4 to Anonymous' posting
> of 7:19AM on Nov 5? Which way is this thing spinnin?

Time zone differences.  I also wish my mailer understood GMT so it would
properly sort events in time order instead of sender time of day order. 

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