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Re: using PGP only for digital signatures

>> Consider this: most people in the U.S. do not have a "credential" that
>> shows them to be U.S. citizens. (Hint: most people in the U.S. do not have
>> passports.)

My passport is always close at hand.  I love an unchallengeable credential
that has neither my address nor my SS# on it.  I also carry my birth
certificate which I use for most non-driving interactions.  It doesn't have
much useful info on it.  Secured credit cards which can be obtained in any
name are also handy.  

>A green card, by itself, also fails to prove legal status.

Don't "green cards" have pictures now.  If they do they should be usable to
prove both status and identity.  I'm talking about the new "renewable" ones.

>Proving legal residency requires a combination of two documents, one each
>from specified lists. Most commonly a driver's license, green card (which
>is actually pink), or birth certificate from list A, and a social
>security card from list B. 

You need proof of citizenship or residency and proof of identity.  Passport
and naturalization papers work for both.  Otherwise you have to pay the $25
to the guy on the corner for a birth certificate and drivers license.  Or
DTP it yourself since employers aren't very good at checking papers.  Or
dodge the whole thing and work for yourself.


"Who am us, anyway?"