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Re: using PGP only for digital signatures

Duncan Frissell <[email protected]> writes:
> >Proving legal residency requires a combination of two documents, one each
> >from specified lists. Most commonly a driver's license, green card (which
> >is actually pink), or birth certificate from list A, and a social
> >security card from list B.
> You need proof of citizenship or residency and proof of identity.  Passport
> and naturalization papers work for both.  Otherwise you have to pay the $25
> to the guy on the corner for a birth certificate and drivers license.  Or
> DTP it yourself since employers aren't very good at checking papers.  Or
> dodge the whole thing and work for yourself.

I've had to deal with I-9 twice in the last 6 months; both times they happily
accepted my U.S.Passport as both the proof of identity and the proof of work
authorization. The naturalization certificate is a little tricky because it's
not supposed to be photocopied. I suppose the h.r. would take it (because it's
listed on the I-9) and photocopy it despite the warning on it. :)


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