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Re: censored? corrected [Steve Pizzo cited in The Spotlight]

[email protected] (Michael Shields) said:

MS> If the InterNIC yanked your domain, this would *not* affect your IP
MS> connectivity -- your ability to be reached by any Internet protocol
MS> via IP address.  The InterNIC has nothing at all to do with that.

	I never disputed that subverting the DNS system would affect the
ability to use numeric IP addresses, just IP names.  But knowing that
there are multiple 'root' DNS servers makes me a bit more comfortable.
But only a little bit - despite my being one of what is generally
referred to as the 'religious right', the pro-censorship tendencies of
the political 'leaders' pandering to it makes me very uncomfortable (the
"and when they came to censor me, no one was left to protest" concept
[with apologies to the writer of the original version referring to the

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