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DejaNews all over again--a URL for Usenet Searching

I usually avoid passing on URLs of interesting sites, in the name of
conserving bandwidth (*), but this one really has me jazzed:


It allows searching of Usenet archives (a few months' worth, from what I
can see).

This was pointed out to me on the Cyberia list, by Eugene Volokh, who wrote:

"    Check out http://dejanews.com/ -- truly a remarkable service.
They index a huge number of Internet news groups, and let you search
through them for any word or words you want.

"    Want to know what people are saying about some new book?  About
some political topic?  Most importantly, about you behind your back?
Check it out!  Lots of fun, and a bit scary."

A good way for newcomers to find out what's been written on some topic that
interests them, or to see who's writing what. (I checked out the index for:
"Blacknet," "Chaum," and a bunch of other things...the possibilities are
endless, and I suspect this will be the URL I go to more often than any

--Tim May

(* Perhaps someday we might ask people what their favorite URLs are. We've
done polls on books, so why not URLs?)

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