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Re: DejaNews all over again--a URL for Usenet Searching

Synchronicity at work.

On Mon, 6 Nov 1995, Timothy C. May wrote:

> http://dejanews.com/
> It allows searching of Usenet archives (a few months' worth, from what I
> can see).

It's extremely funny that you of all people should post this Tim, as your
[email protected] address was the first thing I ran a search on when I 
discovered this site. 

Judging by the amount of posting you do here, I was surprised that I only
got 36 listings on your new address (1/3 of which quoted you but not 
directly written by you). Either you post more to alt, soc and talk (which they 
don't have) or you use a third address (the second thing I tried was 
[email protected], even less, though the archive's pretty recent, so that's

Hmm, so you know insiders at Apple and recently held around $65,000 of their 
stock and sold off, saving around $12k in the process after being tipped 
off? Hmmm... (from rec.investment or something along those lines. Want me
to repost your original article? heheheh. <insert evil smile>)

I figured I'd send this to you as a private note, but then I figured 
this thing really is scary and has a lot to do with anonymity. 
Watch out folks. Litte Brother is saving everything you've ever said on 
usenet. Your old posts just won't go away. 

(Not that someone who is so open in his views and true name as yourself 
would mind, Tim, but I'm certainly happy for my sake, that alt isn't archived 
yet. It's bad enough they have rec.)

Ps. I will of course run searches on every other address that the who
command on [email protected] supplies me with, so watch what you say 
ladies, gents and otherwise. ;->
Get those 'nyms ready.