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Re: DejaNews all over again--a URL for Usenet Searching

> I figured I'd send this to you as a private note, but then I figured 
> this thing really is scary and has a lot to do with anonymity. 
> Watch out folks. Litte Brother is saving everything you've ever said on 
> usenet. Your old posts just won't go away. 

	This is where I step in. ;-)
	DejaNews will soon be putting up a privacy statement where
they refer people to my site if they want privacy. (I haven't cheked,
it may be up there already.)

> (Not that someone who is so open in his views and true name as yourself 
> would mind, Tim, but I'm certainly happy for my sake, that alt isn't archived 
> yet. It's bad enough they have rec.)
> Ps. I will of course run searches on every other address that the who
> command on [email protected] supplies me with, so watch what you say 
> ladies, gents and otherwise. ;->
> Get those 'nyms ready.

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